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Saelig Unveils 4-channel 100 MHz Battery-powered Oscilloscope

EPC’s New Half-bridge Power Stage IC Handles Up to 35 A

Bourns Enters IGBT Market with a Line of 600/650 Volt Units

Advanced Energy’s New AC/DC Converter Sports 93% Efficiency

P-DUKE Introduces Medical and Industrial Power Supply Series

Bourns Says its New PTVS Are First Available in DFN Packages

California Explores Mixing Hydrogen Into Natural Gas Pipelines

KEMET Says its New Three-phase EMI-RFI Filters Feature Industry-best Efficiency

Diodes Incorporated Debuts New Bidirectional Current Monitors

A Look at the Summer’s Latest Power Supplies

ABB Adds New Class 2 Combiners to its Power Express Family

STMicroelectronics Debuts Dual 200 mA, High-output Amplifier

ROHM Releases 4th Generation 650 V Fast Recovery Diodes

Marelli Unveils New 800 V Silicon Carbide Inverter Platform

Nexperia Debuts Tiny 20 V and 30 V MOSFETs in DFN Packages

AOS Introduces its First Buck Regulator Module

P-DUKE Unveils Medical and Industrial DC/DC Converter Series

Scania, Keysight Partner on Electric Truck Battery Testing

Bourns Introduces, then Expands High-power Fuse Family

EPC Adds Another Rad-hard Gallium Nitride Power FET

Opinion: Japan’s “Clean” Hydrogen From Australia Is a Dirty Breakthrough

Three Industry Powerhouses Debut BLDC Motor Control Solutions

ST’s New Chip Could Save 15 Nuclear Plants Worth of Energy

ROHM’s New LDOs Are Stable At Nanoscale Output Capacitances

GaN Systems, EPC Both Unveil New GaN Power Transistors

ROHM Establishes Global Application Center in India

Hydrogen is Starting to Explode, in the Good Way

GE to Triple Solar and Battery Energy Storage Manufacturing

Rohde and Schwarz Debuts Enhanced R&S RTP Oscilloscopes

Bourns Introduces New High Current, Shielded Power Inductors

Vishay’s New Voltage Suppressors Feature 3 kW Surge Capacity

EPC Says its New 40 V GaN FET Is World’s Smallest at 1.1 mΩ

NIC Components Introduces New Automotive-grade Capacitors

Diodes Incorporated Debuts New 40 V, 460 A MOSFET Targeting EVs

Allegro Releases New BLDC Gate Drivers For Data Center Cooling

Vicor Touts its American “ChiP” Fab as the Industry’s First

Nexperia and Kyocera AVX to Jointly Develop GaN Power Modules For EVs

STMicroelectronics Releases Two Series of MDmesh Silicon Power MOSFETS

Advanced Energy Introduces Fresh ORv3-Compliant Power Shelf

onsemi Says its 650 V SiC MOSFET is Market’s First in a TOLL Package

Qorvo Says its New 1200 V SiC FETs Sport Industry’s Best Figures of Merit

Power Integrations Targets Bus and Truck EVs With New Module Drivers

Diodes Incorporated Unveils New Space-saving Schottky Rectifiers

Efficient Power Conversion Unveils New 200V Rad-hard GaN FET

ROHM Says New MOSFETs Have Industry-best TRR

Advanced Energy Debuts Power Delivery Platform For Industrial Plasma Applications

Murata Unveils New Metal Power Inductors For Automotive Applications

ROHM and Delta Electronics Announce GaN-focused Strategic Partnership

PCIM Europe 2022 Starts Next Week. Here’s What to Look For.

ROHM Expands its Lineup of Automotive, Space-saving PMDE Package Diodes

Infineon Expands its CoolSiC M1H Portfolio with New 1200 V SiC MOSFETs

Teledyne Lecroy Launches 1 GHz Probe, Together With New Testing Software

Littelfuse to Acquire Both C&K Switches and Embed

EPC Space Unveils New 40 V Rad-Hard GaN Power Transisto

Traco Introduces Two Power Supply Sets for Industrial and Medical Applications

LEMO Expands its M Series with High-power Connectors

Vishay Expands its Series of Automotive-grade NTC Thermistors

Bel Power Solutions Unveils Upgraded Subrack System For Railway Operations

STMicroelectronics’ New Gate Driver Enhances Motor-control Flexibility for Automotive Systems

EPC Claims its New 350 V GaN Transistor is 20 Times Smaller than Comparable Silicon Offerings

Littelfuse’s New Series of Thyristors Guard Against Severe Voltage Transients

ROHM’s New QuiCur Technology Improves Load Transient Responses for DC/DC Converter ICs and LDOs

NIC Components Unveils a New Series of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Murata Unveils Miniature Power Supplies Aimed at Medical and Industrial Applications

STMicroelectronics Debuts 50 W GaN Converter for High-efficiency Power Applications

ROHM Introduces 150 V GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor with an 8 V Withstand Gate Voltage

Powerbox Debuts 1200 W Power Supply with Adjustable “Near-to-zero” Output Voltage and Current

Microchip Expands its Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Portfolio with New 3.3 kV MOSFETs and Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs)

Texas Instruments Claims its New Low-dropout (LDO) Regulator Features Industry-low Noise Level

Infineon Introduces New CoolSiC MOSFET and 2EDN Gate Driver Families

Power Integrations Introduces Tandem Power IC Families at APEC

Littelfuse Claims Its New Fuses Are the First Automotive-grade 1000 VDC Offerings on the Market

STMicroelectronics Releases a Series of Nine Economical Radiation-Hardened ICs Aimed at New Space

Alpha and Omega Debuts Two New 600 V Super Junction MOSFETs Featuring RDS(ON)s of 110 and 140 mΩ

CUI Introduces 150 W and 200 W DC/DC Converters Aimed at Data Processing and Industrial Applications

McLaren Applied Unveils the Production Intent Design of its Racing-inspired 800 V Silicon Carbide Inverter

Kyocera AVX Acquires ROHM’s Entire Tantalum and Polymer Capacitor Line

Teledyne e2v HiRel’s New 650 V, 60 A GaN HEMTs are Space-screened at NASA’s Top Assurance Level

Teledyne e2v HiRel Releases a 100 V Transistor Driver for 20 MHz FET and GaN Transistors

Alpha and Omega Unveils a Wireless Charging Solution for 50 Watt Applications

ABB’s Clean Static Frequency Converter to Make Superyachts and Supertankers Greener

II-VI Inks a Three-Year Technology Access Agreement with GE Research

Diodes Incorporated Introduces a New Controller for P-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics Introduces Two Dual High-Side Switches Capable of Driving Current-Hungry Capacitive Loads

Littelfuse Introduces New Products Aimed at Surge Protection

Eggtronic Unveils a New Demo Board Aimed at Streamlining the Design of Compact, Efficient 35 W Adapters and Chargers

EPC Space Expands its Rad-Hard GaN Offerings With New Demo Board

Power Integrations Claims its New AEC-Q100 Qualified Switcher ICs Are First to Incorporate a SiC MOSFET

Allegro Debuts a 3-Phase Gate Driver IC Purposed to Reduce EV Noise Levels

RECOM Unveils Eighth-Brick 100W and 300W DC/DC Converters

Texas Instruments’ (TI) New Buck-Boost Converter Features 60nA Quiescent Current

Sungrow’s String Inverter Employs Infineon Module and Chip Technology

Vicor Partners with Voltserver for Digital Electricity

Pickering Introduces PXI/PXIe-Based Multi-Cell Battery Simulator Modules

EPC Debuts a Bidirectional, 50W eGaN FET-based Buck-Boost Converter

STMicroelectronics (ST) Unveils A New Series of 800V Power MOSFETS

Vincotech’s New On-Line Simulator Launches from a Webpage

STMicroelectronics’ Debuts Isolated Gate Driver Aimed at SiC MOSFETS

RECOM Adds to its Line of DC/DC Converters with 0.5W and 1.0W Units

ROHM’s New Dual MOSFETs Feature Withstand Voltages of 40 and 60 Volts

Microchip Debuts a High-Precision Voltage Reference IC for Automotive Applications

Infineon Partners with PIONIERKRAFT for Solar Power Sharing

ABB Adds 3-Phase, 200/208/240 VAC Devices to its Existing Rectifier Line

STMicroelectronics (ST) Unveils Automotive High-Side Drivers

GaN Systems Offers Reference Designs for 3kW AC/DC Power Supplies

Maxim Debuts Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) Power Management IC (PMIC)

Keysight Partners with University for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Testing

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) Debuts a New Series of Coil Drivers

Absopulse Debuts Power Supplies with Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Texas Instruments’ Bias Supply Module is Aimed at EV Applications

Microchip Debuts 1200V, Dual-Channel SiC MOSFET Gate Driver

STMicroelectronics Debuts 70W Wireless Charging Chipset

Flex Power Modules Debuts 48 to 12V Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC)

Siemens Introduces a Power Integrity Analytical SW Tool for IC Design

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Debuts a 1.6 mΩ, 40 V eGaN FET

COSEL Adds 80 Watt DC/DC Converters to its Popular STMGFS Platform

Power Integrations Debuts a New Family of Flyback Switcher ICs

Infineon Introduces a Reference Design for a 22kW Motor Driver

ROHM Introduces SerDes ICs and PMICs Aimed at Automotive Cameras

Bournes Unveils Isolation Transformers for Serial Communications

Sensata Unveils a Battery Management System for 60-Volt Applications

Texas Instruments’ 70W Motor Drivers Enable Rapid BLDC Motor Designs

Littelfuse’s Optically-Isolated Gate Driver Needs No External Power Supply

Infineon Unveils New Current Ratings for its 1200V EconoDUAL 3 Portfolio

UnitedSiC Debuts a 750V SiC Power FET with a 6mohm RDS(ON)

Power Integrations Introduces IGBT Gate Drivers Featuring up to Six MAGs

STMicroelectronics Debuts 200W SMPS Aimed at LED TV Applications

STMicroelectronics Collaborates with Xilinx to Power Space-Hardened FPGAs

Infineon and Panasonic to Collaborate on 650V Power GaN Development

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Debuts Ideal Diode Reverse Current Protection Switch

Absopulse Debuts New Line of Encapsulated 250W DC-DC Converters

STMicroelectronics Adds 45W and 150W Versions to its 650V MasterGaN Line

Toshiba’s 40 Volt, Low-Spike-Type Power MOSFET Aims to Reduce EMI

COSEL Debuts Two Power Supplies With 200% Peak Power Capabilities

Dialog Semi and Xilinx Team Up to Power Visual AI Solutions

ABLIC’s New Battery Monitoring IC Offers High Withstand Voltage

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Debuts a DC/DC Controller for 5G Applications

Dialog Semiconductor Debuts a Family of Automotive PMICs

Trinamic Debuts 3-phase MOSFET Gate Driver for PMSM and BLDC motors

Nexperia Introduces ASFET MOSFETS Aimed at Hot-Swap Applications

Keysight Introduces SiC-Based 1500V Battery Pack Test Systems

Microchip’s New Power Modules Meet Tough New Aerospace Standards

Renesas Debuts a PMIC Targeted at its RZ/V2L and RZ/G2L MPUs

FTDI Chip Introduces Two Single-Channel PD Interface ICs

GaN Systems Debuts Two Low-cost E-Mode GaN Power Transistors

GaN Systems and onsemi Debut a Totem Pole PFC Evaluation Board

XP Power Debuts a Series of 3kW Power Supplies Providing 150 to 400VDC

Bourns Expands Its Line of Wirewound Chip Inductors

Littelfuse Introduces a Series of 1700V SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

STMicroelectronics Begins Producing 200mm Silicon Carbide Wafers

RECOM Debuts Three 5-Watt Single Output AC/DC Converters

Silanna Semiconductor Debuts an ACF Controller Supporting Power Adapters up to 100W

ABLIC Debuts Thee Series of 1-Cell Battery Protection ICs

Nexperia Debuts Nine Bipolar Junction Transistors in DPAK Packages

Infineon Introduces USB PD 3.1 MCUs with Support for High Wattage

TDK Debuts a Series of Screw Terminal Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Gateview Debuts PDUs for 240/415 VAC 3-Phase Power Distribution

Bourns’ New Surge Protectors Tackle MOV Degradation Issues

ROHM Debuts Three IGBTs with Built-In SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD)

STMicroelectronics Unveils Three New Series of RF LDMOS Power Transistors

Magna-Power Extends the its Series of AC/DC Power Supplies to 10kW

Murata Launches a Series of Compact 2 Watt DC/DC Converters

Allegro’s GMR Gear Tooth Speed Sensor Measures EV Transmission Rotations

E-Peas Unveils Three Power Management ICs (PMIC) for Battery Charging

Ampleon Unveils LDMOS Transistors for Frequencies up to 2 GHz

RECOM Introduces Three 150-Watt, Eighth Brick DC-DC Converters

ROHM Debuts Two Non-Isolated Buck Converters with Built-in BiCMOS MOSFETs

ST’s Twin 5W Isolated Buck Converters Require No Opto-coupler or Ancillary Components

Murata Augments its Line Power Over Ethernet (POE) DC/DC Converters

Dialog Semiconductor Debuts ZVS Chipset for High Power Density PSUs

Sensata’s Disconnect Solution Enables Faster and Safer EV Charging

TDK’s Series of 350W Convection Cooled Medical Power Supplies Can Deliver Peak Power of up to 1,000W

STMicroelectronics Debuts Two Automotive Low-Dropout Regulators

Microchip Debuts a GaN Based Ka-band MMIC for SatCom Terminals

Renesas Debuts a Series of 700V Non-Isolated Buck Converters

EPC Expands its Growing Line of eGaN FETs with New 80V and 200V devices

Delta-Q Technologies Launches A Series of 3.3kW Battery Chargers

Maxim’s New Self-Testing Voltage Monitor Features 1% Accuracy

ROHM Debuts a DC/DC Converter IC with a Built-In 1700-Volt SiC MOSFET

E-peas Debuts a Pair of Ambient Energy Management Devices

Power Integrations’ 600-Volt 12-Amp Qspeed Diode Features a Qrr of 14nC

RECOM Adds to its RPX Series of Tiny Buck Converters

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Debuts a Series of High-Speed TVS Diodes

EPC Debuts a Radiation-Hardened eGaN FET for Tough Environments

BrightLoop and EPC Partner on High Power DC/DC Converters

Silanna Semiconductor Debuts CO2 Smart Power Family of High Efficiency 100W DC-DC Converters

Microchip Debuts a Radiation-Hardened MOSFET for Space-Based Applications

ON Semiconductor Unveils a Complete Solution for Industrial Motor Drives

Analog Devices’ Battery State of Health Monitor Includes a Coulomb Counter

EPC’s 1kW, 48VDC/12VDC Converter Offers a Power Density of 1226 W/in3

Power Integrations’ New Switcher IC Family Reduces Standby Power by up to 60%

XP Power’s 10 New LCE80 Members Offer Low Cost, Open Frame Power

Toshiba Unveils Photovoltaic-Output Optocoupler For Solid State Relays

Nordic Semiconductor Launches a Tiny USB-Compatible Power Management IC

Maxim’s Two Way Regulator Targets Supercapacitor-Based Backup

Samsung Chooses Infineon MOSFETs for its Newest Refrigerators

ROHM’s 150V GaN HEMTs Sport a Rated Gate-Source Voltage of 8 Volts

Analog Devices Expands its BMS Offering with Continuous Battery Monitoring Technology

Power Integrations Debuts a Family of ZVS Flyback Switcher ICs

Murata Adds to its Broad Line Of DC-DC Converters with Three New Series

Vox Power’s 600W Modular Power Supplies Offer up to Eight Isolated Outputs

Infineon Releases SiC Six-Pack Power Module for EV Traction Inverters

Transphorm and Silana Partner on GaN Adapter Reference Design

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor’s New SPS Family is Aimed at Multiphase Voltage Regulators

Qorvo’s 25 Amp, 13-Rail Multi-Time Programmable PMIC Enables Multiple Configurations

XP Power’s New DC-DC Converter Series Delivers up to 6kV at 5 Watts

EPC Debuts GaN-Based, Bidirectional 1.5kW Demonstration Board

Keysight Debuts a GaN Test Board for its PD1500A Testing System

Infineon Introduces a 600V Integrated Power Stage (IPS)

Power Integrations Debuts Gate Drivers for Railway Applications

SEMIKRON and Silicon Mobility Collaborate on a 24V to 96V Inverter Platform

ROHM Expands its Line of High-Power Miniature Shunt Resistors

GaN Systems Unveils a 3kW LLC Resonant Converter Reference Design

STMicroelectronics Unveils its STi2GaN Portfolio

Power Integrations’ Flyback Switcher ICs are AEC-Q100 Certified

Nexperia’s 650V GaN FETs Sport RDS(ON)s of 33 Milliohms

ROHM’s Four New 600V IGBT Intelligent Power Modules Reduce Power Losses

Absopulse’s 1000VA Railway Inverters Operate Over a Range of DC Input Choices

Rohde & Schwarz Debuts Linear Power Supplies for Testing Applications

CISSOID Augments its Platform of 3-Phase SiC MOSFET IPMs

Maxim Adds Boost Converters and an LDO to its Essential Analog Portfolio

Infineon Introduces MOSFETS for Static Switching Applications

Power Integrations Unveils Highly Efficient PFC Controller IC Family

ROHM’s High Luminous Intensity White LEDs Come in a 1608 Package

STMicroelectronics Begins Volume Production of Digital Isolator Featuring Galvanic Isolation

ABB’s 60A DC-DC Converter Features a Tiny 232-mm2 Footprint

STMicroelectronics Debuts MasterGaN4 for 200W Power Applications

Bourns Debuts Specialized Thick Film Chip Resistor Arrays

Kemet Introduces a Piezoelectric Film Haptic Actuator for User Interfaces

AOS Debuts Buck Regulators for Intel’s Rocket Lake Platform

XP Power Debuts Five Conduction-Cooled 75W AC-DC Power Supplies

Schurter Introduces a Series of Power Entry Modules

Infineon Introduces a New Series Of Welding Diodes

RECOM Introduces Fan-less 1,000W AC/DC Power Supplies

Texas Instruments Debuts DC/DC Controllers With Active EMI Filters

Renesas’ Motor Control ICs Simplify Brushless DC Motor Control Design

Infineon Introduces 650V High-Side And Low-Side Gate Drivers

Maxim Integrated Debuts Two 60V DC-DC Inverting Converters

STMicro Debuts Op Amp With Unity-Gain-Stability and a 22MHz Gain Bandwidth Product

Empower Semiconductor Debuts “Fastest” Integrated Voltage Regulator

Cornell Dubilier Unveils New Series of AC Filter Capacitors Aimed at Harsh Environments

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Debuts AC-DC Active Bridge Rectifiers

STMicroelectronics’ New Isolated Gate Driver is Aimed At SiC MOSFETS

Power Integrations Adds to its LinkSwitch-TN2 AC-DC Buck Converter Family

Allegro’s Latest Hall Effect Current Sensor Requires no Shield or Core

Vicor’s Underwater Remote Operating Vehicles Rely On Modular Design

Paragraf Introduces Graphene-Based Battery Sensor for Battery Mapping

Absopulse Introduces 500W DC/DC Power Supplies for Extreme Environments

EPC Debuts A Demonstration Board Featuring eGaN FETS Driving Laser Diodes

Keysight Debuts Test Solution for EV Charging and For Grid-Edge Applications

Maxim Integrated Debuts a 14-Channel, ASIL-D Compliant Data Acquisition System

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Debuts a 1200V SiC MOSFET for EVs

CUI Adds Three New Series Of Single Output AC/DC Power Supplies

Vector Debuts a Charging Station Controller for Electric Vehicles

GaN Systems and Silanna Semiconductor Release ACF Charger Reference Design

Maxim Integrated Debuts Three Chips Aimed At Increasing IoT Battery Life

ON Semiconductor Expands Its Line Of 650V SiC MOSFETs

GeneSiC Semiconductor’s 1200V G3R SiC MOSFETs Offer RDS(ON)s as Low as 20mΩ

Bourns Adds to its Model CSM2F High Power Current Sense Resistor Series

Littelfuse Debuts Varistor Line For Type 1 and Type 2 Surge Protective Devices

Powerbox Debuts Seven New Series of 50W to 1200W Power Supplies

STMicroelectronics Releases an Evaluation Board For 3-Phase Energy Metering

Allegro Debuts Sensor Interface IC for Resistive Bridge Pressure Sensors

Volvo Opts For Analog Devices’ Battery Management System

Keysight and Transphorm Unveil A Reference Design For GaN-Based Switched Mode Power Supplies

Vishay Intertechnology Unveils Ten New Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes

ROHM Debuts a Line of -40V/-60V P-Channel MOSFETs in Single and Dual Configurations

Bel Power Debuts a 3.2 Kilowatt Power Supply Aimed at Data Centers

Navitas Semiconductor Debuts 650V GaN Power IC With a 70mΩ RDS(ON)

Microchip’s Reference Design Simplifies Secondary MCU Control of Primary Power

Efficient Power Conversion Debuts Laser Driver IC Family

Texas Instruments Debuts Three Phase Brushless DC Motor Gate Driver Units

TDK Debuts a Series Of Power Supplies Delivering 5, 10, or 15 Kilowatt Outputs

EPC and Renesas Introduce a Demo Board Showcasing GaN Technology

Absopulse Introduces 5kW Power Supplies Operating from 3-Phase 208 VAC Input

Digilent Announces its 3000 Series Oscilloscope Family

Rohde & Schwarz Power Sensors Enable RF Power Measurements to 67 GHz

Vishay Introduces a Line of Chip Capacitors With Lead-Bearing Finish Terminations

Analog Devices Introduces an 80V Battery Charging Controller

Bel Power Introduces Two Series of 750 Watt AC-DC Power Supplies

Keysight Augments its Line of Source and Measurement Units with a Range of New Devices

Alpha And Omega Semiconductor Unveils USB-C Power Delivery Source Protection Switch

TDK Introduces a Series of Compact Transformers Aimed at DC/DC Converters

ROHM Expands its Line of Tiny Infrared LEDs for Head Mounted Displays

Murata’s 150W And 250W DC-DC Converters Offer 12, 24, or 54 Volt Outputs

Infineon Adds 24 Volt Dual-Channel Low Side Gate Driver to its EiceDRIVER Family

Efficient Power Conversion’s New 40V eGaN FET Sports an RDS(ON) of only 3 mΩ

Bel Power and Transphorm Collaborate on a Family of AC-DC Power Supplies

Automotive Authenticator Assures the Identity of OEM-Certified Components

Littelfuse Introduces 1 Amp, 60 Volt Solid State Relay

Monolithic Power Systems Unveils a Series of 48V to 6V LLC Modules

Renesas Unveils 60W Wireless Power Receiver IC

GaN Systems Releases Two 650V Evaluation Cards

EPC Unveils 300 Watt 48V to 12V Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

Infineon Adds to its EiceDRIVER 1ED Isolated Gate Driver Family

Laird’s Thermoelectric Coolers Optimize Machine Vision Performance

STMicroelectronics Introduces a Line of 800V Snubberless Triacs

Wolfspeed’s New Power Modules Bridge the Gap Between High-Capacity Modules and Discrete Components

Texas Instruments Launches Wireless Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles

Allegro’s New ACS37800 Simultaneously Monitors Voltage, Current, and Power

Toshiba Unveils 5 Amp, Two Channel H-Bridge Motor Drivers

Kemet Announces a Series of Nanocrystalline Single-Phase Filters

Bel Power Unveils 60 amp, 800 VDC Liquid-Cooled Inverter/Battery Charger for EVs and Hybrids

Nexperia Launches Application Specific MOSFETs for Automotive Applications

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Launches MOSFET Devices for Hot Swap Applications

Traco Power Introduces Two Series of Isolated DC/DC Converters

TT Electronics Unveils a Line of Metal Foil Chip Resistors for Current Sensing

Menlo Microsystems Introduces High Power Density RF Switch

Littelfuse Expands its Line of 1500V Solar String Fuses

Cornell Dubilier Introduces New Series of Flat Electrolytic Capacitors

Absopulse Introduces 250W Convection Cooled DC-DC Converters for Railway Applications

Bourns Unveils Low Profile Common Mode Chokes with High Current Capacity

Wurth Unveils a Series of SMT Transformers for SiC MOSFET Gate Drivers

Power Products of the Year

2020’s Most Successful EV Technology Announcements in the Power Electronics Industry

Nexperia Augments its Line of CAN-FD Protection Diodes With New Leadless Additions

TDK Augments its Line of High Current Flat Wire Inductors

RECOM Extends the Current Rating of its RPMH Regulators from 0.5 to 1.5 Amps

Littelfuse Expands its Line of PPTC Resettable Fuses

Bel Power Unveils a Series of 1500W Power Supplies Accepting AC or DC Inputs

STMicroelectronics Unveils High Voltage Offline AC/DC Converter IC

Falcon Electric Details the Advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for UPS

XP Power Launches a Series of 500W Medical Power Supplies

Infineon Introduces the First 1200V Transfer Moulded IPMs

TDK Unveils a series of 30 Watt Medical and Industrial DC-DC converters

Kemet Unveils Three Series of Hybrid Aluminum Polymer Capacitors

Bel Power Solutions Unveils 400W Medical and Industrial Power Supplies

VisIC and AB Mikroelektronik GmbH to Develop EV Battery Disconnect Switch

Maxim Integrated’s Newest PMIC Shares One Inductor Across four Buck-Boost Channels

XP Power Introduces Five New Series of Point of Load Regulators

GaN Systems Introduces Four Integrated Power Module Evaluation Kits

ABB Power Conversion’s New DC/DC Converter Provides Power Density

CUI Devices Introduces Several New Lines of DIP Switches

UnitedSiC’s Introduces Four 750V SiC FETS as Part of its Gen 4 SiC FET Platform

Vishay Unveils 60V MOSFET in a PowerPAK SO-8L Dual Asymmetric Package

EPC’s New eGaN FET is Aimed at 48V Synchronous Rectification Applications

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Announces 600V MOSFETs in SMD-type TOLL Packages

SimpleChips Technology Unveils its Space-Saving 1200V, 15A High-Side Switch

Toshiba Launches Motor Driver IC

Silanna Semiconductor Launches a Line of Tiny Buck Regulators for USB Applications

Proton-Electrotex Unveils Thyristor Modules With Increased Power Density

Flex Power Modules Introduces Quarter Brick DC/DC Converters Aimed at Data Centers

STMicro Wireless 50W Qi Charging IC

ROHM Unveils Tiny Automotive Grade MOSFETS

TDK Releases a Series of High CV Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Texas Instruments Introduces GaN FET Drivers for Automotive Applications

Power Integrations’ New IC Allows for Smaller Sized AC-DC Converter Capacitors

UnitedSiC Unveils Four JBS Diodes, Augmenting its Schottky Diode Portfolio

Nexperia Announces ASFET Line of MOSFETs Tailored to Specific Applications

Recom Introduces DC/DC Converter with Medical-Grade Isolation

TDK Debuts Two New Series of ThermoFuse Varistors

Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFETs Used in EA Elektro-Automatik Power Supplies

Allegro Launches a Portfolio of Automotive Gate Drivers

XP Launches 3 Series of Class II DIN Rail-Mounted Power Supplies

GaN Systems Details the Reliability of Gallium Nitride Transistors

Nexperia announces LED Drivers in DFN Packages with Side-Wettable Flanks

ALD’s Specialty Module Aimed at Protecting Ultra-Low-Voltage Designs from Overvoltage Damage

Renesas’ New Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter Offers Ultra-Low Quiescent Current

TKD Unveils 12 New 5 to 25 Watt Board Mounted Class II Power Supplies

Silicon Labs Grows its Offerings of Isolated Gate Drivers

Volkswagen Chooses NXP for its MEB Electrical Vehicle Platform

Littelfuse Introduces a Series of 50 Amp Unidirectional TVS Diode Arrays

Diodes Incorporated Unveils Two High-Voltage Analog Multiplexers

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group Expands its Peltier Module Product Line

Infineon’s New 650V MOSFETs Target SMPS Applications

Alpha and Omega Introduces its New 4-Channel TVS Arrays

KEMET Unveils a Line of X2 EMI Suppression Film Capacitor

STMicroelectronics Unveils Half-Bridge Driver Packaged With Two Power GaN HEMTs

Fuji Electric Grows its Offering of IGBT-based Intelligent Power Modules

EPC Space Announces a Family of Radiation-Hardened 40V to 300V GaN Power Transistors

Minmax Launches a series of Encapsulated 60W DC-DC Power Modules

Sumida Expands its Line of Automotive SMD Power Inductors

TDK Releases Series of 4:1 Input DC-DC Converters Supplying 15, 20 or 30 Watts

EPC’s Newest 100V eGaN FET Family Outclasses Classical Silicon MOSFETs

ROHM Introduces Power Efficient Zero Cross Detection ICs

Texas Instruments Releases its Own Custom Version of Cadence’s PSpice

Tektronix’s Series of Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes Feature a 10 GHz Bandwidth and Handle up to 50 GS/S

Bel Power Unveils the TET2200 Series of 2200 Watt Power Supplies

Nexperia Introduces Four AEC-Q101 Qualified ESD Protection Devices to its TrEOS Line

Panasonic’s New “NCR18650BD-Improved” Lithium Ion Battery Requires No State of Health Check

Transphorm Unveils 4kW Evaluation Board for Single-Phase AC-to-DC Power Conversion

Infineon Technologies Unveils Secondary Side Regulated, Constant Voltage Flyback Controller

Yokogawa Introduces the DLM5000 Series of Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

COSEL Unveils Series of Medical and Industrial 3W DC/DC Converters

Taiwan Semiconductor Unveils Drop-in Replacements for Legacy Bipolar Drivers

STMicroelectronics Introduces Two Intelligent Power Switches Tailored to Critical Safety Applications

EPC introduces two new 200 Volt eGaN Power FETs

Transphorm’s Second 900 Volt GaN FET is Now in Production

Diodes Incorporated Unveils Two Dual PNP Transistors for Shunting Automotive LED Clusters

New Wearable Prototype from Cornell’s SciFi Lab Senses Hand Position, Even Through Objects

Synaptics Acquires DisplayLink in a Move to Enhance Video Interface Market Capabilities

Resolving the LiDAR Scanning Limitations of Autonomous Vehicles

Choosing Between 2D and 3D Materials to Set Off the Commercialization of Next-Gen Semiconductors

Solving the Longstanding Durability Issues of Hydrogen Vehicles

In-Mold Electronics Processes Show Promising Results for Speedy 3D-Shaped Design Development

Advancing Future Flexible Wearable Electronics Through Liquid Metal Synthesis

Silicon Chip Improves LiDAR Systems Without the Use of Electronics

Combining the Best of Solid-State and Liquid-State in a New Liquid-Metal Battery

SpooQy-1 Nanosatellite Brings Gains in Space for Privacy and Computing Power

Amazon Establishes a Specialized Business Segment for Aerospace Data Processing Technologies

SK hynix Announces Mass-Production of its High-Speed DRAM, ‘HBM2E’

Gaining A Better Understanding of Material Conductivity to Develop Improved Energy Storage Devices

Developing Bendable and Entirely Flexible Electronics with A New Class of Films

Experimental Chips Using 2D Metal Material That Store More Data and Require Less Energy

Advancing Bandwith Capacity of Wireless Data Transfer for HF Electronics

Improving Fuel Cell Efficiency Through Machine Learning Techniques

Revolutionizing Telecommunications Applications with Chip-Based Microcombs

The Toughest Solid Electrolyte Developed to Push Solid-State Batteries to Mass Market

Quasiparticles Found to Have a Critical Role in Future Applications for Quantum Computing and Memory Storage

A New Build Approach For More Efficient Chip Logic Switches

A Revolutionary Development in Silicon Photonics: The World’s Smallest Comb Generator

Nokia Taps Three Major Chip Vendors for Customized 5G Chipset

A New Programmable IC Opens Doors for Customizing Motor Drive Applications

The Air Force Bets on a Bright Future for Flexible Hybrid Electronics

A Brief Sweep of the Current Measurement Landscape

An Electronic “Security Bubble” Protects Wearers from COVID-19

Post-Pandemic Technology Will Change the Airport Experience

Two Companies Partner to Secure an Automotive Linchpin—the CAN Bus—at the Hardware

LiDAR-Captured Road Data Now Publicly Available in Open-Source Machine Learning Dataset

Engineers Create the First Double-Sided 10-Layer PCB Using 3D Printing

Industry’s First Space-Grade 20 nm FPGA Can Be Reprogrammed Mid-Orbit

US Navy Turns to Optical Beamforming for Real-Time Communication, Connectivity

Smart Speakers Digitize All Input, Zap Battery. A New ML Analog Chip Has “Selective Hearing”

With an Eye on Computing SoCs, Synopsys Combines IP Portfolio With TSMC’s 5nm Processes

US Government Approaches the Big Three—TSMC, Intel, Samsung—to Build US Chip Factorie

Stanford Researchers Discover How Exactly Li-Ion Batteries Degrade

First Molecular Electronic Chip “Revolutionizes” Disease Testing, Screens Many Diseases at Once from Portable Device

A New Spiking Neural Network-Based Chip Shows Promise for Preventing Drone Collisions

Rad-Hard Roundup: Protecting Space Vehicles from Overcurrent Events

IC Design Enables a New 2D Structure for Quantum Bits

How Far Along is Narrowband IoT in 2020?

Bringing 5G Back to the Hardware: An Overview of RF Front-End Modules

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Various Chip Markets

“Honey, I Shrunk the NASA Payload”: A Call for Engineers to Help Send Mini Rovers to the Moon

Stay-at-Home Orders are Overburdening Data Centers. Micron’s New NAND Tech May Help

Maxim’s PMIC Rocks the Hearables Market, Slashing BoM by 40% and Bumping Battery Life 20%

Historical Engineers: Harry Nyquist, a Trail Blazer in Digital Communications

Samsung and LG Exit the LCD Market. Quantum Dots and Organic LEDs Take the Stage

Disinfect, Diagnose, and Treat: A Mission of Doctors and EEs Amidst COVID-19

Designing FPGA-Dependent Medical Devices Just Got More Streamlined With New PMIC Reference Designs

Casio Tips Its Hat to Renesas for Its Battery-Less, Solar-Powered Smartwatch

Silicon vs. Silicon Carbide: Schottky Barrier Diode Edition

Gallium Arsenide (Finally) Contends With GaN and SiC in One Regard: Space Applications

A New Era of Upgraded T&M Equipment Helps Designers Vault 5G Challenges

What’s the Plan Behind ST’s Recent Plunge Into Gallium Nitride?

ON Semiconductor Introduces Adaptive Charging Controller for USB PD 3.0

NXP Announces Crossover MCU Family for Edge Device Voice Recognition

Diodes Incorporated Designs USB 3.2-Compliant ReDrivers to Enhance 10 Gbps Interfaces

TI Shrinks 36 V, 4 A Power Module for Rugged Industrial Applications

Renesas’ Gas Sensor Powers Safera’s Smart Cooking Sensor

XP Power Focuses on Affordability With New PCB-mounted AC-DC Power Supplies

Microchip’s New MCUs Move Software Tasks to Hardware for Faster Throughput

ST Bases New MCUs on Arm TrustZone Technology

Nexperia Says Its Silicon-based ESD Protection Bests Varistors for Automotive Ethernet

TI Introduces First 500 mW Isolated DC-DC Converter IC with Integrated Transformer

Arm Adds Machine Learning and Neural Processing IP to Its AI Platform

Diodes Incorporated Releases New MOSFET Driver for Synchronous Rectification

THine Designs Differential Transceiver IC for 4 Gbps of Digital Communication

Murata Debuts “World’s Smallest LoRa Module”

USB Type-C Power Density Controller from Diodes Incorporated Built for Quick Chargers

Renesas Combines Synchronous Buck and LDO Regulator In One Rad-hard IC

NXP Tacks On Near-field Communication to Two New Bluetooth MCUs

Fieldscale and ST Introduce Simulation Software for STM32-based Capacitive Touch Sensors

Infineon’s LDO Regulator Uses “Flip-Chip” Technology to Diffuse Heat

Redriver From Diodes Incorporated Aims for 8Gbps Speeds With Linear Equalizer

GNSS Correction Module from u-blox Makes Way for Centimeter-level Positioning

Doppler Radar Module (24 GHz) from Fujitsu to Monitor Heart Rate Without Contact

One Month Into 2020, What’s New With 5G?

Ampleon’s 500W Power Amplifier Transistor Achieves “Best in Class” Efficiency at 75%

Diodes Incorporated Shrinks Their Popular Dual- and Quad-channel Bus Switches

Silanna Semiconductor’s Active Clamp Flyback Controllers Combine Four ACF Subsystems

Microchip Revamps Popular Ethernet Transceiver and MCU for Space

Qorvo’s PMIC for In-vehicle Charging Integrates Analog and Power Functions

Germany-based Manufacturer Seeks to Innovate Low-power IoT with New Driver IC

Maxim’s 2-Pin PLC Chip Saves Circuit Space and Power for True Wireless Earbuds

ST Announces “First LoRa SoC,” Including Advanced Semtech Radio

OmniVision Brands 4K Video Processor as Lowest Power Consuming SoC of Its Kind

AAEON’s Industrial Power Module Ramps Up Processing Power with 8th Gen Intel Core Processors

TI’s LDO Regulator Built to Support a 2.4V to 18V Input Range with “Ultra-low” IQ

Zuken Announces New High-speed Configuration for Its Online PCB Design Platform

PRO DESIGN Extends Family of FPGA-based Prototyping Modules

NXP Kicks Off Low-power Family of MCUs for IoT Applications

Diodes Incorporated Designs Buck LED Drivers to Withstand Extreme Voltage Variations

Maxim Calls Its Isolated SiC Gate Driver “Best in Class” for Reducing Power Loss by 30%

Kionix Calls New Accelerometers the “Industry’s First” to Include Built-in Noise Filtering

New Quad-output DC-DC Regulators from Analog Devices Can Be Paralleled for 4.8A

Renesas and MinebeaMitsumi Design Stepping Motor Solution for Robots

Seek Thermal Unveils New Thermal Cameras for Test, Security, and IoT

ST Praises Power Management IC for Saving Board Space, BOM, & Power

Digi Launches a System-on-Module Based on NXP’s Applications Processor

Renesas Amps Up Security with 32-bit Bluetooth Low Energy 5 MCU

CUI Extends Family of Open-frame AC-DC Switchers for Green Technology

AVX Multilayer Varistors Built to Respond to ESD Strikes in Less Than a Nanosecond

Highland Technology’s Quadrature Modulator Geared for Aerospace Simulation

Vishay’s Latest IR Emitters Feature Opaque Side Walls for Reduced Side Emissions

Analog Devices Unveils New Quad-channel 200MHz RF Transceiver

Toshiba Introduces Its First Family of Reusable eFuse ICs

Nexperia Enters the Gallium Nitride FET Arena

ST Highlights New Temperature Sensors’ Accuracy—to Within 0.25°C

TDK Aims to Offer Surge Protection With Smaller Disk Varistors

NXP’s 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-Channel Level Translators Optimized for Open-Drain Outputs

Analog Devices Reveals a Low-power PHY Chip for the Industrial Ethernet

GaN Systems and ON Semi Develop Half-Bridge Evaluation Board to Drive GaN Power Switches

Flex Power Modules’ New Point-Of-Load Regulator Aims to Pack Power, Save PCB Space

Infineon’s Evaluation Board Built to Anticipate SiC in Motor Drives

Diodes Incorporated Releases Buck Converter Family Designed to Combat EMI

Keithley SMU Modules Aim to Aid in Low-current, High-capacitance Testing

New ARM IP Brings Down Costs of AI for Mainstream Products

Diodes Incorporated Reveals 2A Load Switch Aimed to Improve High-Side Load Switch Reliability

Microchip Claims to Have Solved Power Over Ethernet Interoperability Issues with New PoE Products

Melexis Announces Pressure Sensing IC for Engine EVAP Systems

New Wi-Fi 6, 5G, mm Wave Antennas Unveiled by Antenna Company at MCW19

US Version of Mobile World Conference 2019 Kicks off In Los Angeles, Doubles Down on 5G, AI, and IoT

X-FABs Adds NVM to Its 180nm BCD-on-SOI Platform

STMicroelectronics Unveils New Series of Secure Payment SoCs

u-blox Expands Its Bluetooth Portfolio with Three New BLE Modules

ST and Mikroe Collaborate on “Click Boards” for STSPIN Motor Driver ICs in Embedded Systems

BehrTech and MAJiK Systems Devise a Brownfield, IIoT Solution for Legacy PLCs

ROHM’s New Family of 4-Pin Trench-Gate SiC MOSFETs Aims to Reduce Switching Losses

Renesas Introduces Security-Focused RA Family of Arm-Based MCUs

Microchip Unveils Dual-Mode, Bluetooth 5.0-Certified IC for Audio Solutions

Arm TechCon 2019 Explores the Convergence of AI, 5G, and IoT

Littelfuse Releases New TVS Diode Arrays for Protecting High-Speed Data Lines

Renesas and StradVision Team Up for Machine Learning Smart Cameras in ADAS Applications

Toshiba Provides Alternative to NOR Memory with New Family of SLC NAND Devices

Silicon Labs Unveils Automotive Timing Portfolio, Emphasizing Ease of Use for OEMs and Tier-1 Suppliers

TI’s Newest LDO Linear Voltage Regulator Boasts Sub-25 nA IQ for Power-Sensitive Applications

TDK Announces Series of New Ultrasonic Sensor Disks

Dialog Semiconductor Launches New Series of Programmable Sub-PMICs

Diodes Incorporated Unveils Miniature Automotive MOSFETS for Power Management, DC-DC Converters

Taiwan Semiconductor Offers Four New Power MOSFETs BLDC Motor Control

STMicro SiC Devices Will Power Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi On-Board Battery Chargers

Power Integrations’ Low-Noise, 200V AEC-Q100 Diodes Targets Automotive Audio Applications

Synopsys and NSITEXE Partnership Finds Success with Accelerated Processor SoC Development

Tools for Future EEs: New Texas Instruments Robotics System Learning Kit Supports STEM Education

ON Semiconductor Offers New Power Over Ethernet Controllers to Support IEEE 802.3bt PoE

TDK Introduces Power Inductors for Automotive LED Headlights

Visual RF Detection, a New UAV RF System, and FCC RF Regulations: Radio Frequency News Roundup

Silicon Labs Debuts Si844x Family of Isolated Smart Switches for Industrial Applications

Xilinx Claims Title of “World’s Largest FPGA” with New VU19P

Industrial Robotics Roundup: Articulated vs. SCARA vs. Cartesian Robots

Time of Flight 3D Sensors Roundup: TI, Espros, AMS, and Artilux

Gallium Arsenide: Another Player in Semiconductor Technology

Diodes Incorporated Announces New Low-Power Buck Converters for Small Appliances

Penn State Researchers Build Monolithic GaN AC-Powered LED Chip

The New Xilinx FPGA Accelerator Card Is Trying to Give Traditional Processors a Run for Their Money

MagnaChip Announces Its 0.35 Micron, 700V Process Technology

Renesas Unveils Li-Ion Battery Management IC for Hybrids and EVs

RIGOL Newest MSO8000 Oscilloscope Offers 2 GHza Bandwidth

Nissan Adopts Renesas SoC and MCU for Assisted Driving Platform

Flash Memory Summit 2019: What You Need to Know

IC Design Resources Roundup: Mentor, Cadence, and Synopsys

High-Voltage Converter from STMicroelectronics incorporates 1050 V MOSFET

Maxim Integrated’s Newest Clinical-Grade Sensors Claim High Accuracy and Low Power for Wearables

3D Printing Electronic Components? Nano Dimension Releases DragonFly LDM Manufacturing Platform

Secure Microcontrollers Address IoT Security

The University of Michigan has Developed a Computer Based on the Memristor

Microchip Announces Smart Embedded Vision Initiative for Machine Vision System Design

Intel Introduces Pohoiki Beach, a New 64-Chip Neuromorphic System

New Low-Power e-Paper Displays from Pervasive Displays Feature Yellow e-Ink

ROHM’s Smart City Sensor Module Detects Earthquakes—But the Real Star Is the Algorithm

How Ultrasonic Flow Meters and IoT Connectivity Combine for Smart Metering Systems

Linux, But Hardware: CHIPS Alliance Brings Powerful Players into Open Source Hardware Collaboration

Microchip Adds Three New Members to Its TD Family of Touchscreen Controllers

Diodes Incorporated Introduces New LED Driver-Controller for Automotive Applications

Industrial IoT Roundup: Magnifying the Power of Data through Communications and Analysis

Speeding the Launch of Autonomous Sensing: Analog Devices and First Sensor Announce Team-Up

Sensors Expo 2019: What You Need to Know

New SiC FET Option for EV Charging Applications from UnitedSiC Adds 4-Lead Kelvin Device

Fairview Microwave Announces New Series of UHF Waveguide Antennas for R&D Applications

STMicroelectronics Releases “Tiny” GNSS Module for Tracking and Navigation

The Latest AMR-Based Current Sensors: What Is Anisotropic Magneto Resistance?

u-blox Releases Wide-Area 5G Modules for the IoT with an Emphasis on Security and Power Savings

Smart Home Roundup: IoT Sensors and Wireless Networks for Hazard Detection

Vayyar Imaging Announces 4D Point Cloud Application for Automotive Sensors

Microchip Reveals Investment on Ethernet in the 5G Age with New 1.2 Terabit Physical-Layer ICs

RIGOL Introduces New Vector Signal Analysis Application for RSA5000 Spectrum Analyzer Family

TDK Announces Thin-Film Power Inductor Primed for Mobile Device Design

Design Automation Conference Kicks Off in Las Vegas

Microgrids vs. the Macrogrid: The Applications of Microgrids in Today’s Power Systems

Twice the Audio Quality at Half the Power? New Dialog Audio Codecs Offer Active Noise Canceling

STMicroelectronics Unveils the STM32G4 Series of Microcontrollers

Solid-State LiDAR Gets a Boost Towards Automotive Applications: ams Offers VCSEL in New Team Up

Microchip Lays Out Vision for Power Over Ethernet in Building Automation with New Eight-Port Switch

Aidoc’s AI Algorithm Receives FDA Approval for Flagging Pulmonary Embolisms in Radiology

SiTime Releases MEMS Temperature-Compensated Oscillators for 5G in Harsh Environments

Dialog Semiconductor Introduces New Programmable LDO Regulator for Mobile Device Cameras

Cree Invests $1 Billion in Expanding SiC Semiconductor Fab Capacity, Develops MOSFET Portfolio

GaN Heads to Space! VPT Introduces Radiation-Hardened DC-DC Converters Featuring GaN Technology

UnitedSiC Adds Seven New Silicon Carbide FET to its 650V Cascode Product Line

PCIM 2019 Conference Kicks Off in Nuremberg, Spotlighting Europe’s Power Industry

Diodes Incorporated Announces Versatile New Boost Controller for LED/LCD Display Applications

STMicroelectronics Introduces 650V High-Frequency IGBT Series with an Emphasis on Speed

ON Semiconductor Announces New SiC-based Hybrid IGBT and Gate Drivers Series Ahead of PCIM 2019

IEEE Announces 3 Amendments to the IEEE 802.3 Standard for Ethernet

Dialog Semi Focuses on Ultra-Low-Ripple with New Buck Regulator/LDO and PMIC for Low-Power Devices

Diodes Incorporated Announces ReDriver IC to Boost Signal Quality Over High-Speed PCIe Interfaces

TT Electronics Announces New Gate Drive Transformers for Automotive Battery Management Applications

Silanna Semiconductor Announces New Active Clamp Flyback PWM Controller for Efficient Power Design

Trinamic Introduces the TMC5160 SilentStepStick for Silent Stepper Motor Operation

Trinamic Introduces High-Power Gate Driver for BLDC and PMSM Motor Control Solutions

Apple Cancels AirPower Program Just as the Wireless Charging Power Application Heats Up

InnoMux Chipset from Power Integrations Reaches 91% Efficiency

STMicroelectronics Announces Power-over-Ethernet Chipset for 5G and Smart-Building Applications

Intel Addresses Data Center Needs With Field Programmable Gate Array Series

Industry Trends in Automotive Power Showcase Breakthroughs in Speed and Materials

ROHM Announces New Automotive-Grade SIC MOSFET Series

UnitedSiC Announces SiC JFET Family for Low Power AC-DC Flyback Converters

Popular Toshiba Flash Memory Platform Now Qualified for Automotive Applications

TDK Claims World’s Smallest Point-of-Load DC-DC Converter

RISC-V Foundation Hosting Worldwide Series of Getting Started with RISC-V Events

New LED Drivers from Taiwan Semiconductor Reach Many Automotive Applications

APEC 2019 Focuses on the Needs of the Practical, Practicing Power Engineer

Time-To-Digital Converters Emerge as Key Components in Autonomous Vehicles

New Mesh Networking Products Expand Use Cases for Connected Devices

New Displacement Sensor from Eye Vision Technology Claims Fastest and Highest Resolution 3D Scans

Microchip Announces New SAR ADC Family for the Toughest Automotive Environments

New RF-Sampling Transceivers From TI Feature Industry’s Widest Frequency Range

e-peas Announces PMIC for Energy Harvesting from Thermoelectric Generators

Adesto Releases New Low-Power Flash Memory Devices Targeted at Wearable Applications and the IoT

ams Announces Optical Sensor with Goal of Bringing Medical-Grade Monitoring to Mobile Devices

embedded world 2019 Begins in Nuremberg, Focuses on “Embedded Intelligence” for AI

Mobile World Congress Kicks Off in Barcelona with 5G at the Forefront

STMicroelectronics Releases New Series of Microprocessors for IoT and Industry Applications

Diodes Incorporated Releases New Series of Hall-Effect Switches for Automotive Applications

ON Semiconductor Releases RSL10 IoT Sensor Development Kit with Ultra Low-Power Bluetooth Radio

u-blox Adds Devices with Internal Antennas to Series of Bluetooth 5 Communications Modules

X-FAB Releases New Automotive-Qualified, High-Temperature Galvanic Isolation Semiconductor Process

DesignCon 2019 Begins, Highlights Signal Integrity and Test and Measurement Needed for 5G

nanotron Releases RF Module Collision Detection System for Mine Safety Applications

Toshiba Memory America Introduces UFS Ver 3.0 Embedded Flash Memory

High Speed Video Cameras: Interview with Dr. Jim Bales, Associate Director of MIT’s Edgerton Center

Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Here to Stay? The Promise of Li-Ion Batteries with Silicon Anodes

Internet of Things, 5G, and Cybersecurity Dominate CES 2019

Lower Power, More Reliable Memory, and More Ambitious Applications: Implantable Tech Roundup

Chinese Module Company, Seraphim, to Supply Smart Modules to Australia’s Newest Solar Power Plant

Space Probe Digs Deep into Mars’ Surface, Uncovering the Planet’s Secrets

STMicroelectronics Introduces High-Dynamic Range Image Sensors for Automotive Driver Monitoring

Microchip Technology Introduces Tiny, Low-Power MEMS Clock Generator to Save Board Space

As Emerging Technologies Outpace Semiconductor Processes, IBM Takes Leap Towards 7nm IC Fabrication

Power Integrations Introduces New Family of Brushless DC Motor Drive ICs

ams Introduces Image Sensor for High-Throughput Manufacturing and Optical Sensing Applications

ON Semiconductor Launches Power Modules for Solar Energy, Uninterruptible Power Supples

Meet the Aquatic Drone Saving the Great Barrier Reef with Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Historical Engineers: Michael Faraday, a Founding Father of Electrical Science

Bus Fault Protection for Industrial and Automotive Applications: Texas Instruments CAN Transceivers

Texas Instruments Releases Digital Temperature Sensor Family for Medical and Industrial Applications

Bridgetek Introduces “Credit Card” Dev Modules for EVE IC Geared Towards Human-Machine Interfaces

Historical Engineers: Richard Morley and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Swarm Communications and CubeSats: An Update on the Advantages and Challenges of Nanosatellites

A Slow-Roll Revolution? Graphene Research Yields New Biosensors, UAV “Skins”, and Molecular Filters

Maxim Integrated Releases Development Platform for Biometrics Monitoring in Health Applications

Does a Smart City Need to be 5G? Three Cities Implementing 5G Today

The Dawn of Gallium Oxide? Researchers Announce New Transistor to Boost Electric Vehicle Batteries