Writer for the Arrow Electronics Catalog

Ghost Writer for the Arrow Electronics Catalog

Here is a selection of articles that I ghostwrote for the catalog of Arrow Electronics. Arrow is a major distributor of electronic components and subsystems. Just click on the title, and the article will open up in a new page. On request, I can provide a copy of what any article looked like before I submitted it to the Arrow editors. You can contact me at: dgary99@yahoo.com

Charging Electric Vehicles: Slow, Faster and Fastest

Resistors Offer Designers a Myriad of Choices

Memristors: An All-New Passive Component

Medical Power Supplies Provide Multiple Levels of Protection

Resistor Specifications Revealed By Banded Codes

In Hard Environments, Resistors Stand Up To Adversity

Switching Power Supplies Hit New Heights in Efficiency

Wireless Charging Comes of Age

Mimicking Nature – Artificial Photosynthesis as a Power Source

Digital Potentiometers Replace Mechanical Units

Lithium Ion Batteries – Variations and Innovations

Lithium-Ion Batteries for the Most Concentrated Power

Exploring the Many Ways to Capture Solar Power

Designing to Medical Standards: A Look at the Implications of IEC60601-1, Edition 3.0

Current-Sensing Resistors Enable Accurate Measurements

Ultra-Thin Membrane Potentiometers Shine in Tight Spaces

Topologies for Power Conversion Devices

Precision Resistors More than Meets the Eye

Very High Frequency Resonant Conversion

Kalman Filters Keep Measurements on Track

Electronic Sensors Monitor the Environment

Humanlike Robots – They’re Not Just Science Fiction Anymore

Solar-Powered Outdoors Lights Need No Connection to the Power Grid

CR2032 Batteries Keep A “Light” Shining In the Window

Micro SD Cards Make It Easy to Upgrade Memory Capability

The Realities of RF Power Harvesting

RTC/Real Time Clocks Never Sleep

Happy Halloween And Welcome To The World Of The “Tin Foil Hat” History of the Tin Foil Hat

Heat Pumps Cool Off Mobil Devices And Distribute Heat Within Spacecraft

The World’s Trade Is Carried On Gigantic Container Ships