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Electronic Products Magazine

Electronic Products Magazine is an important electronic trade press magazine. You’ll find some blogs I wrote at Electronic Products Magazine here that will interest you. You can left-click any one of them and the article will open in a new browser window.

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Start-up designed micro-satellites that can image through poor weather and darkness

Amazon announces two new Alexa development tools

The Dutch are building an artificial island to support the world’s largest wind farm

Tesla planning to make a pickup truck after Model Y

Engineers create new way to measure vital signs with radio waves

Snap-together autonomous car to make its way to CES 2018

Apple to design in-house power management chips for its devices

Li-Fi vs. Wi-Fi: Which is better?

Solar supercapacitor produces low-cost electricity and hydrogen gas

Laser-equipped NASA satellites achieve enormous data transmission rates

Speedy magnetic RAM requires no refresh signals

The era of truly fast-charging electronic devices speeds closer to reality

Fresh from the microwave oven: Cathode for lithium-ion batteries increases power density

DARPA’s new infrared smart sensor operates with near-zero power consumption

Teleoperating robots with VR: MIT gets inside a robot’s head

Top mistakes not to make as an Arduino beginner

Intel’s new Loihi neuromorphic chip mimics the living brain

To buy or not to buy: Ultra HD 4K TV

Perovskite crystals: the next step in the evolution of solar cells

How smart plugs can make your life easier and safer

Manta ray submarines and flying fish torpedoes could be used by the Royal Navy in the future

Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi vs ZigBee

Questions to keep in mind when choosing a connector

Upgrade almost any phone with wireless charging

3 useful and fun-filled projects you can build with Arduino

Ultra-fast solid-state EV batteries are right around the corner, Toyota confirms

This tiny USB stick can bring image-based AI processing power to your computer

Are conductive electrodes the key to fast-charging batteries?

A look at AI applications now available for business

Carbon nanotube reinforced composites can reduce space vehicle mass by 30%

Raspberry Pi’s smaller, cheaper rival: NanoPi Neo Plus2

Solar cells thinner than a strand of human hair may soon power your smartphone

Amazon robots to revamp how Whole Foods runs warehouses

Aluminum water batteries ‘drink’ water to increase the range of unpiloted underwater vehicles

DARPA is teaching some manners — to robots

How researchers are using AI to treat bipolar disorder and personalize medicine

The Internet of Things can also be an Internet of People

Introducing a screen-printed, flexible antenna for RFID devices

Carbon nanotubes form the basis of a new type of logic

Stretchable conductors for wearable electronics

Is there a RAT in your PC camera?

How medical robotics will change healthcare as we know it

Frustration in the parking garage – where are the open spaces?

Google wants to create a generation of AI enthusiasts

Meet George Jetson! Toyota is developing a flying car

Electronic circuitry that’s flexible, stretchable, and biodegradable

Smart contact lens sensor for diabetic and glaucoma diagnosis

If we can’t improve the battery, let’s increase efficiency

Capacitors that can take the heat

ARM announces its first automotive-grade image signal processor for multi-camera systems

Thermal diode can control direction of heat flow

Facebook wants you to post comments from your brain — no fingers required

Topological insulators provide a boost for quantum computing

Two-dimensional transistors: slowing down the demise of Moore’s Law

How salt water batteries can be used for safe, clean energy storage

Throwback Tech: What was hot in the world of tech 30 years ago

Tesla shows off new Panasonic-made solar panels that will fit almost any roof